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28 May 2016

Don't Look

Don't look into my eyes
For I rather you not 
See through this facade
Too wound up
Business unfinished
Private matter
I'll avert these eyes
So they won't peek
How far the mind wanders
How sweet dreams can be
How high we fly
How behind closed doors
We unleash
Don't touch me
For the writhe will show
What you've yet to know
This heat
Of your embrace
I don't even want to struggle
Bite these lips
Since this voice won't tell
What you've yet to feel
Elicit from me
What I crave
Am yielding
Showcase your prowess
A scent that's only yours
Entwine and mingle 
What little sanity
Possess me
Use your rhythm
And surrender the senses
For the facade is breaking
The body reeling
Since lust comes knocking
And the mind succumbing
Let the voyeurs see
How you drive me wild
Every control lost
Every bit of strength seeped
Every tongue tied
Every will satisfied
And scorched
Every flame unclimbed
Forever more
The muscles tense
Everything  you give
Sharp, piercing 
Tearing down defences
For pride has no place
Stripped down, strapped up
For you want it all
Maybe the end is nigh 
Maybe the time is right
For pleasure lasts
For pleasure awaits
For pleasure stays
And teases
Since temptation 
Presses the bell
One too many times
Don't let them see
What I have in me
Leave your mark
Release all
Only with you
Stir what was dormant
Make me tremble
Until it is not enough
Bond so deep
The body remembers
Want uncaged
Probably desire has to wait
The world must not see
What is shameful of me
Though this sin
I'm glad I'm in
To melt within
The fire burnin'

With Love,

28 February 2016

07 December 2015

We Don't Have Forever

The ears burned
Out of slumber
Heart raced
Screaming and shouting
Ego and hatred
Language is too much and not enough
The extent of one’s heart
Fear gripped
Control left
For one can speak
For mind thinks loud
Though kept
Hidden and shamed
Lips bitten
Vile carnage of emotions
Feelings scattered
The eyes burned
Fear consumed
And will deserted
Again and again
For the heart blinded
For the mind closed
Caring was out of the question
How quick ego inflamed
How long arrogance lasted
How life exhausted
How human blinded
For nothing else mattered
For everything died
For foolishness
For we forgot
We don’t have forever.

Much Love,