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05 September 2016

16 July 2016

Being A Woman

"We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies."


13 July 2016

The Height of Summer

In the height of summer
When the sun shines bright
And the sky shimmers with light

Your voice carries
The lightheartedness in the wind
Bringing back the euphoria
In livin'

The tunes in the whisper
Whistle the joy in togetherness
Reminding me of happiness

Here's hoping,
You're not forgetting
When the moon is shining
How we are loving.

With love,

Another Apology


If it doesn’t seem like I care, 
I’m sorry

If it doesn’t seem like I care, even for a little bit, 
I’m sorry

If it doesn’t seem like I think about you,
I’m sorry

If it doesn’t seem like I think about you, even for a little bit,
I’m sorry

If it doesn’t seem like I consider you a part of my life,
I’m sorry

If it doesn’t seem like I consider you a part of my life, even for a tiny part,
I’m sorry

Because I do,
A lot.

Maybe our interpretations are different
Maybe our actions are different
Maybe our thoughts are different

But I hope you always remember,
That you matter to me.

I can not express enough,
There is no word,
To make you understand
How you matter.

I know, I know
And I know, you know

Logically, I know.

But sometimes inside,
It hurts when you seem to forget
It hurts,
When you seem to not know,
How I care
It hurts,
When you seem to not listen,
How I care
And it hurts,
When you seem to not care,
How that matters

If it seems like I don’t care,
I’m sorry
I’ll try better

For there is no end
For I hope you don't see an end
For I hope,
We go on

With Love,